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Google Drive: This is how to Increase space

Google Drive

When you sign up for a new Google or Gmail account, you’ll receive 15GB of free cloud storage, which includes Google Drive. Depending on your usage, the storage may become full, at which point you will be unable to receive any additional emails.
When your storage space is depleted, Google will prompt you to purchase additional storage space. If you’re not willing to spend money, you can free up space by following the steps outlined below. It’s critical to note that Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos all share the storage. Additionally, files that are not permanently deleted from the trash are included in the storage.
Prior to attempting to declutter your storage, you should analyze the files in Google storage.

How to Analyze Your Google Storage

  • Open Google Drive in your browser on your computer.
  • Navigate to Settings and then to Storage.
  • By clicking on ‘view items taking up storage,’ you can view the storage details and the files taking up space from largest to smallest.
  • Alternatively, you can view the amount of storage used on your mobile device by opening the Google Drive app, tapping the hamburger icon, and then going to Settings > Storage.

How to Simply delete Google Drive Files

  • After reviewing the files, you can choose which ones to delete and send them to the trash.
  • To free up space, navigate to the trash folder and delete all files.
  • Within 24 hours, the space freed up by deleting unwanted files would be reflected.

If Photos consumes the majority of your Drive storage, you will need to manage the Photos app to free up more space.

Getting rid of Google Photos

  • To make more space in Google Photos, first, delete all unnecessary and duplicate photos.
  • By going to the settings and tapping on Back up & Sync > Upload Size, you can now add more space to your drive by changing the upload size of images and videos from ‘original quality’ to ‘Storage saver quality.’ Please keep in mind that this can only be done with pre-existing images and videos.
  • You can now go to Settings and tap on ‘Recover storage’ to free up space that was previously occupied by original uploads.
  • Remember to empty the trash folder in Google Photos.

Removing emails with large attachments can help free up storage space.

Getting rid of Gmail clutter

  • Enter “has: attachment larger:10M” in the search box and press Enter.
  • This will display all emails that have attachments larger than 10MB.
  • You can go through them and permanently delete the ones you don’t need.
  • To delete, select one or more emails and drag them to the trash.
  • Navigate to the trash folder and permanently delete the emails.

This is how simple it is. Following these steps should allow you to use Google Drive storage for free for longer periods of time.

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