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TikTok: How to Change Text-To-Speech Voice

TikTok’s text-to-voice feature has undergone some changes, and users are dissatisfied. A new female voice can now be heard. On TikTok, here’s how to change the text to voice speech.

The app’s text-to-voice feature has been used by a number of people. They will now be greeted by a different voice. In the late 2020s, this feature was added to the app. On Tik Tok, some people have expressed their dissatisfaction with the change in voice. If you’re wondering how to change your voice, look no further!

You only need to follow the simple steps outlined below to implement the text to voice feature in your apps.

  1. Choose/take the video to which you want to add the voice feature.
  2. Select the add text option from the bottom of the screen once the video has been saved.
  3. Press and hold the text box after you’ve finished writing the text you need.
  4. Select Text-to-speech from the drop-down menu.
  5. The new voice will be applied automatically, and you can then upload the video to Tik Tok.

Because Tik Tok has removed the old voiceover from the app, you may have noticed a new voiceover for your text. However, it’s unclear whether the change will be rolled out across the entire app. Users in North America appear to have noticed the change so far.

Tik Tok does not have a built-in feature to change the voice at the moment. To change the sound, you can use online voice generators.

Tiktok Users React To The New Voice Feature

As one user put it, “I know why the new TikTok text-to-speech voice freaks me out: it sounds exactly like the voice they used for the annoying as hell h/&m in-store ads when I worked there.”

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