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Saturday, September 25, 2021

The iPhone 13 series has Larger batteries, smaller motherboards

iPhone 13

Apple has been announcing and releasing their new iPhone every September since the iPhone 4, except for last year’s October release due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, it appears that Apple is getting back on track this year, with the iPhone 13 series set to launch in September.

Despite Apple’s continued insistence on limiting the spread of unannounced product information from both employees and suppliers, we’ve heard plenty of rumors and leaks this year.

iPhone 13 series : Larger batteries, smaller motherboards

According to today’s report, it comes from Taiwanese research firm TrendForce, and it appears to corroborate a lot of information we’ve heard about the device in the past. The biggest news is that the iPhone 13 series will have bigger batteries, which is good considering Apple shrunk the battery size on the iPhone 12 series last year compared to the iPhone 11.

Surprisingly, the battery increases will not come from thicker or heavier devices, but rather from improvements in circuitry board design, which will allow for a smaller overall motherboard than before, thus allowing for a larger power supply.

The report also mentions a 5nm+ CPU powering the devices, which is most likely the A15 Bionic if Apple keeps the “Bionic” moniker for another year.

According to TrendForce, iPhones will account for nearly 17% of all global smartphone shipments in 2021, and Apple’s cellular will “dominate the high-end smartphone market in China for the next two to three years.”

Finally, considering that the fastest 5G data speeds are only available in the United States, TrendForce believes Apple will expand its worldwide 5G mmWave coverage.

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