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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Vivo patented a flip phone with an external folding screen.

Smartphone companies are experimenting with a range of different methods as we enter the age of folding smartphones. The new hint as to what the future holds is a living patent for a concept that looks like a Motorola StarTAC reverse-an outer hinge at the bottom and a screen stretching to the back wall.

The listing appeared at the CNIPA (Chinese National Intellectual Property Administration) with drawings from both angles, showing vivo also wants to mount five cameras (one of them with a periscope lens) on the back of an X-ray on a square island. There’s space for the LED flash that’s a tiny strip on the right-just like the live X50 Pro, for example.

Vivo’s foldable smartphone patent

Patenting this unique concept for a folding system does not mean that vivo is close to launching a commercially ready solution. Smartphone companies are playing with a variety of new styles, with just a few of them making it to store shelves. However, it’s nice to see smartphone providers have no lack of cool innovations when we step through more bland touchscreen bars.


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