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A new iPod touch is expected to launch on iPhone-like design this fall

iPod touch

Its been two years since a new iPodtouch was released for Apple, but it is supposed that this fall the company will change. In May 2019 the latest iPodtouch model took place, but it was largely out of focus.

The new report is by Steve Moser, a contributor to MacRumors, who cites as a source of new information Twitter AppleLe257 users. Device details are still a mystery. But the Moser’s report suggests that the new device will look like the iPhone 12, meaning square edges and various colors. The machines show that the next iPod touch could be equipped with the same setup as in previous versions.

The size of the new iPodtouch display and what specs it will have are unclear. The renders indicate that the device has a face ID and a display extending from edge to edge. The actual display of the iPodtouch is 4 inches, which according to today’s standards is small. We’d expect that the new device will be upgraded to at least as large as the 5.4-inch iPhone mini screen.

When we’re playing the devaluation game, we may expect a new iPodtouch with 64GB storage as its base and an iPhone-12 series A14 Bionic chip. The current model is available for $199, which will give you 32GB of storage and an a10 Fusion Chip. We would expect Apple to use older spectator information to keep costs of a new iPodtouch down.

He was unable, according to Moser, to verify the truthfulness of the information in his report independently, so he said he would treat everything simply as a rumor, not as a leak. However, Moser noted Apple added an Apple Music PR blurb in November 2020 with “iPod touch,” suggesting that a new model is on the move. Nothing could change.

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