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Fuji registers foldable screen mobile phone patent

Fuji registers foldable screen mobile phone patent

Mobile phones with folding screens are considered cutting-edge scientific research products in the mobile phone industry. Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Motorola, and others are among the current folding screen phone manufacturers. However, recent news has emerged that Fujifilm, a camera manufacturer, has begun to develop a folding screen mobile phone and has filed a patent application with the US Patent and Trademark Office.

The patent was 51 pages long and included 47 images of a foldable smartphone similar to Samsung’s. Its design depicts a device that can be folded inwards and features a second touch display that appears when the device is folded.

Fuji foldable screen mobile phone patent exposed, looks very similar to Samsung Galaxy Fold

The Fujifilm foldable smartphone’s flexible screens can be operated with a stylus pen, similar to Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold. It also has a battery-saving feature that turns off the main screen when the phone is folded at a 30-degree angle.

App Continuity, a feature similar to Samsung’s App Continuity, is also available on the Fujifilm foldable smartphone. From the large screen to the smaller front screen, the app engagement continues. When a user folds his or her device, the app that was open on the larger screen will be opened on the smaller screen.

Fuji foldable screen mobile phone patent exposed, looks very similar to Samsung Galaxy Fold

Apps automatically reorient themselves when the phone is folded, similar to Samsung’s Flex Mode. Users can use the lower half of the folded screen to send messages or browse the web thanks to this feature. The patent, however, does not mention the camera system, despite the fact that it shows complete details and renders of a classic hold design.

Fujifilm’s entry into the smartphone market is unsurprising, given that camera manufacturers such as Sony and Panasonic have already entered the market.

Nonetheless, according to PetaPixel, Sony and Panasonic were known to have more divisions even before they entered the smartphone industry. Fujifilm’s entry into the new arena is thus unusual for a company known for a more focused product line.

Other foldable smartphones on the market include the Huawei Mate X2 and Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold. Because both devices can be expanded into tablet forms, they can display more content on the screen.

There is still no word on whether Fujifilm will release the foldable camera, as patents do not guarantee that a company will release a specific product.

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