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Friday, October 22, 2021

HONOR Started Working on Smartphones with GMS( Google Mobile Services) !

HONOR Started Working on Smartphones with GMS( Google Mobile Services) !

Huawei sold it’s sub brand HONOR recently to cope up with the current trade situation. Huawei sold HONOR to  Shenzhen-based company  leaving it to flourish on its own and allowing it to trade with US companies, including Google.


Honor operates on a new line of smartphones that can operate Google Services according to the renowned Russian newspaper.
 Honor launched over 18 months of non-GMS mobile phones which hurt sales in markets such as Europe and Russia massively where it has been the second largest smartphone company for 2020. 
The next major part of Honor is the V40 series; however, these phones have been produced under Huawei’s ownership and are naturally nor  accessible to GMS. So the phones that will debut after the introduction of V40 may have GMS.
So finally we can expect some great devices from HONOR with GMS (Google Mobile Service) which will make a healthy competition among Smartphone makers.
via:  Images credit: HONOR

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