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Battlegrounds Mobile India: Old PUBG Players won’t be able to use present inventory! Here is Why…

Battlegrounds mobile india

Following the ban on PUBG Mobile in India in September last year, Krafton Inc. tried to restart the game in the region. Now after several attempts, the game appears ready to relaunch, with pre-registrations already started at the Google Play Store in Battlegrounds Mobile India. The new game fork will continue to be exclusive to the Indian Subcontinent and has pledged a lot of exclusive regional content.

As claims by some Youtubers, the inventory of all PUBG mobile players in Battlegrounds Mobile India will be made open. It should be noted that this knowledge has not been verified by Krafton. IGN India has learned from sources close to the situation that this is impossible. Tencent did not state whether Indian user data, including in-app purchases, was purged when the game’s former publisher ceased operations in October 2020. The reason behind this might be – Tencent Games published PUBG Mobile in India, while Krafton published Battlegrounds Mobile in the country. Since the publishers are so dissimilar, it would be incredibly difficult for businesses to exchange information.

Since Krafton Inc has not released a statement on the matter, we advise you to take this claim to leaks and rumors. However, given Krafton’s efforts to portray itself and its intentions to the Indian government as transparently as possible, including allegedly instructing content creators not to use the word “PUBG Mobile” while discussing the game, it’s unlikely that old user data required for inventory items like skins could make a comeback.

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