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Friday, December 3, 2021

Oppo X 2021 Rollable Phone live video is here: Its looks Amazing

Oppo X
Credits : Brandon LeProktor

Thus far, all the information we have on Oppo’s new “X” design phone has been photographs and renderings created digitally. Finally, we have the first, real-world look at the device as well as a full eight-minute-long hands-on analysis of it!

We now get to see the Oppo X rollable phone in all its glory because of YouTuber Brandon LeProktor. Frankly, it looks spectacular. The video in French (by LeProktor) illustrates how the phone can travel in and out. The demonstration also explains how the software changes as it is extended or retracted. Other features are also discussed.

We have attached the video below. That said, the possibility exists that this video could be deleted because it shows too much about the phone before Oppo has had a chance to tease it. In that case, here is a nice GIF depicting how the phone operates.

Oppo X Hands On video from YouTuber Brandon LeProktor.

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