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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

PUBG Mobile New Season Update will bring emergency parachute and lot more!

With the start of the new season, PUBG Mobile seems to be having some exciting updates. On the internet, a preview of the upcoming updates has been announced, which appears to be really exciting for gamers.

PUBG Mobile

In a tweet, PlayerIGB revealed some specifics about the upcoming Karakin map as well as information about the upcoming season. PlayerIGN has posted a screenshot of the PUBG forum, in which the game’s community coordinator, Steve, responds to user comments and explains what to expect from the upcoming season.

PUBG Mobile

✔ According to screenshots shared by PlayerIGN, Steve claims that the Karakin map will not be permanently removed from the game and that the developers will begin rotating maps in and out beginning this season, meaning that the maps will be rotated every season. He also stated that the Miramar rework is on the way, but he didn’t specify when the new map would be published.

✔ With the patch notes, Steve also mentioned that there would be some improvements, including the addition of an emergency parachute to the game. According to the PUBG group coordinator, input on matchmaking and the drive-by mechanic has been forwarded. Furthermore, he mentioned that players must realize that this is not an EU/NA-only game, but rather a global game in which players from all over the world participate. A single shift can have a significant impact on a large number of players in different regions. It wouldn’t make sense to let 2 million players down just to please 2000.

✔ It was previously announced that the Karakin map would take the place of the Vikendi map. It’s set in the North African coast’s deserts, with an open landscape full of sand and boulders. The map will be two square kilometers in size and will be available in classic mode. The game developers will begin rolling out the map on April 7, according to the official announcement. Let’s see what the new season has in store for us.

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