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5G: What are the good and bad


What is 5G:

The 5G is the fifth generation of cellular network technology.  It runs on radio frequencies the same as in our smartphones like 2G, 3G or 4G.  However, this ground-breaking technology has significantly improved network connection and is providing new opportunities for more innovative solutions in the army, artilleries, and much more.  Nowadays the 4G network provides faster connectivity and online gaming abilities and the 5G can change the way of work and can play games live because of faster connectivity.  Currently, 5G is in an earlier stage and there will be 1.9 million 5G connection subscriptions within 2024.  This is not too far.

Pros of 5G:

This 5G has numerous pros this includes comparing to previous generation 4G and 4G LTE it is 100 times faster, which includes online gameplays, streaming, social applications and it can save up to up tours of spending time in comparison with 4G bands.  This also reduces low latency which will be useful for IOT products, innovating new applications, artificial intelligence, and real-time activity.  5G can deliver a 1000 times better spectrum which is about 1000 internet-enabled devices and phones to IoT devices.  It will increase more bandwidth to increase the connectivity of the internet.

Cons of 5G:

One of the biggest con is limited coverage and it will affect remote areas because we India believe in villages (villages are the backbones of India).  The other major concern is that 5G can be more viable to carcinogens that cause cancers in our body.  The other issue is that 5G cannot travel more distance than 4G so the buildings, trees, and even a wall can distract these waves so it can cause less speed.  More importantly, even though the download speed of the 5G is high, the upload speed is not as high as 100 mph.  The development of 5G can also cause Cyber Security threads.  The hackers will find ways to exploit the vulnerabilities which cause system security threads.

We will wait and see the implementations of 5G.  Where there is a plus there is a minus also.

To know more in detail about 5g click here

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