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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Skype for Windows has now Active Noise Cancellation enabled

Microsoft has released the Skype preview edition for Windows. This update includes several enhancements. Most notably, the application now supports active noise reduction hence would be more comfortable for users in noisy environments. Furthermore, the preview edition of the app includes several improvements and enhancements. The new features will be available on desktop and smartphone in the near future, according to Microsoft. The most recent version of Windows is


Skype Preview Version Changelog

Background noise in your meetings? No problem. We have noise cancellation now!
》 Less passwords. Adding WAM support to Windows 10 so you can switch between multiple accounts without a prompt to enter a password every time.
》 See who’s on the call. We’ve added a participants button to Skype calls, so you can see who’s in the call.
》 We also moved privacy-related settings into one top-level Privacy category in the app.
More performance improvements.

Download the App from Windows Store here

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