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Battlefield 6 Gameplay Screenshots Have Leaked Ahead Of Its Release!

Battlefield 6

The new Battlefield game will be officially announced by EA and DICE on June 9, but some screenshots from the military shooter have appeared online ahead of it as well.

Gameplay Screenshots Leaked: Battlefield 6

There are four screenshots in all, all of which were shared on Twitter by the Battlefield News account and also published to Imgur. The visuals depict a cityscape, a helicopter from the ground, and a player’s perspective of a tank and aircraft in action. Three of the four screenshots show the game’s UI, with the mini-map, party lists, and equipment lists all displaying.

Credits: Battlefield News

Battlefield 6 will be released on both current and last-gen consoles, giving both Playstation and Xbox users the opportunity to witness what EA and DICE have created. It’s unclear whether crossplay will be added this time.

For several weeks, it has been claimed that Battlefield will be taking a trip into the future, set ten years from now, with new high-tech military gear and futuristic weapons placed in an altogether new scenario.

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