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Friday, October 22, 2021

Clipt by OneLab – A Clipboard to share photos, text, etc., seamlessly!


Clipt is a new app from OnePlus, which is part of its OneLabs division. Users will be able to wirelessly move text, images, and files between smartphones, tablets, and PCs with the new app. It also has a clipboard feature that allows you to copy text from one device/computer and paste it on another. The Clipt software, according to OnePlus, is compatible with Android, iOS, and Chrome. The organization used the OnePlus Community to announce the news.

Is Clipt Safe and Secure?

The app’s only prerequisite for data sharing between devices is that users must be signed into the same Google account across all devices. It allows read and write access to your Google storage, but since it’s siloed, it can only download files it makes. Users don’t have to worry about their data being transferred using the app, according to OnePlus. Since it uses Google Drive to move data between devices, the app doesn’t even see what you send.

The App and Chrome extension creates a link between your devices to seamlessly connect your clipboard. Once installed you can copy on one device and paste on another or use it to send files back and forth easily, connected to as many devices as you’d like.

OnePlus community on this

How to download Clipt?

Clipt is already available as an Android application and Chrome extension, and an iOS app will be available soon. It is available for MacOS users via the Chrome extension.

Android App – link
Chrome Extension – link

To know more tutorial about this new application you can get to know from this post by OnePlus community

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