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Thursday, September 23, 2021

Clubhouse update brings Archive messages, Improvised language selection, Better notifications and much more!

The Clubhouse

The Clubhouse v1.0.5 update adds a slew of new features, including the ability to see who’s online. Messages will be archived. View rooms in many languages, receive fewer, more effective notifications, and much more.

Changelog: The Clubhouse v1.0.5

🟢 See who’s online — and start a room with them — directly from the Backchannel. Now you can see a green dot when people you’re chatting with are online, and a new button you can tap to start an audio room with them, without leaving your message threads. This feature is available in both 1:1 and group chats.

📥 Archive messages. This has been one of our most requested features ever since we launched the Backchannel. From your inbox, just tap and hold on any message to archive it! This works in both your main Chats tabs and your Requests tab. You can access your archived messages anytime by tapping the “…” at the top of the full-screen inbox view.

🔤 Tell us which languages you want to see rooms in. We’ve gotten a lot of feedback that people see rooms in languages they don’t speak. Now you can help us do better! To select your languages, tap on your profile photo, then the gear at the top right of your profile, and tap Language Settings. When you do this, it will filter the rooms you see in your Hallway.

🔔 Fewer, better notifications. We rolled out some improvements that will result in us sending you 18% fewer notifications, without impacting room visits for creators. This mean 44% fewer notifications than a month ago, with more improvements to come. 🙂

Other updates includes:

  1. We’re simplifying things by eliminating club “Followers,” so there is a single relationship you can have to a club: “Membership.”
  2. If you’re the Admin of a club, you can choose to make your membership “Open” (meaning anyone can join as a Member) or “By Approval” (meaning you individually approve all Members).
  3. We’re creating a new role called “Leaders” to help club Admins make their clubs successful. Leaders can start rooms and schedule events that all club members can see, but can’t edit club settings, edit the club name, or add/remove members. Admins can choose which trusted club members to designate as Leaders.
  4. When people visit your profile, they’ll see the clubs in which you’re an Admin, Leader, or Member.
  5. We’re committed to making this a smooth transition for all of the club Admins out there, so we put together an FAQ to answer your questions and help you get migrated!

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