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Deepfake of Tom Cruise videos went viral. Creator Speaks out

The famous deepfake maker of 11M views of a Tom Cruise video series claims he never wished to deceive anyone.

But as he is already the focus of public interest, he is hoping that the influx of support will make the public more aware of more development in the technological capacity to produce life-like simulations.

It’s of critical importance that we should not mislead anybody, as Chris Ume, 31, the Belgian visual effects artist who produced the deepfakes, notes. “If I can be of assistance in the future, I’d love to do so.”

Ume came up with the four recordings, in which it appeared that former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev was seen performing a magic trick. Three of them went viral on TikTok and spread quickly on the internet.

A more surprising discovery was that experts did not suspect that the videos were fabricated, though most people saw through them.

Chris Ume used a combination of visual effects and editing software to make Miles Fisher look almost identical to Tom Cruise.
“Chris Ume used a mixture of visual effects and editing tools to create  Miles Fisher look almost identical to Tom Cruise”

“My first thought was they’re incredibly well done,” 

said digital image forensics expert Hany Farid, studies disinformation in the finest, who has a PhD from the University of California and is a professor at Berkeley.

They’re delightful, and they’re intelligent

Deepfake content is artificial content in which one person or entity is placed in another image or video, which makes it appear as though they were completely authentic. Ume used a mix of visual effects and editing tools to make Fisher appear to be a lot like M:I action star Tom Cruise.

Here are some of the breakdown from his video that went viral

What do you think about this? How vulnerable do you think this will lead in the coming days?

Putdown your thoughts in the comment section below.

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