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Saturday, September 25, 2021

Microsoft Edge is working on a ‘Super Duper Secure Mode’ Feature!

super duper secure mode on edge

Microsoft’s browser vulnerability research team is working on a mode to improve the security of the Edge browser, and it’s called “Super Duper Secure Mode.” Although the mode is still in its early stages, it may make it more difficult for attackers to exploit weaknesses in Microsoft’s browser by disabling certain optimizations.

Super Duper Secure Mode:

The option disables a function of Edge’s JavaScript engine that makes a website’s code execute faster in order to make the browser more secure.” Just-In-Time compilation (or JIT) is the technique, and while it can help boost efficiency, it’s also incredibly complicated. This makes it easier for vulnerabilities to get in, which can lead to security exploits – Microsoft cites a Mozilla study that found JIT to be responsible for more than half of all real-world Chrome exploits since 2018.

While most end-users are unaware of JIT, it is an important feature of today’s web browsers. JIT works by compiling JavaScript into machine code in advance of execution. If the browser requires the code, it will benefit from a large speed increase. If it doesn’t, the code is thrown away.

Of course, there are fears that turning off technology designed to help a large portion of current websites function faster will have a negative impact on performance. Disabling JIT can result in much lower JavaScript benchmark scores, according to the blog post, but the team claims that in the actual world, people don’t notice much of a difference.

While this Mode’s future is uncertain, the feature is presently online and available for testing. Edge Canary, Dev, and Beta users can enable it in their browsers by going to the following address:


You Can Read More About this interesting feature in detail by Clicking Here!

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