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Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Far Cry 6 PC Requirements and Features out now!

Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6, one of the year’s most anticipated games, will be released on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, and Google Stadia on October 7, 2021. The game is definitely one of the most anticipated releases of the year, especially considering Far Cry games have traditionally been technical demonstrations for PC and next-gen consoles, aside from their addictive and endlessly exciting gameplay loop and gunplay.

There is a significant probability that Far Cry 6 will be a technological masterpiece despite the fact that it is a cross-gen title. For players with high-end hardware, Ubisoft has issued a list of PC-specific features that they can take full advantage of to gain more from their experience.

Far Cry 6 PC Features:

Far cry 6

Despite the fact that Far Cry 6 isn’t a competitive multiplayer shooter, it’s wonderful to see Ubisoft support multiple monitors and widescreen. In addition to taking full advantage of strong PC technology, the game will also support capabilities like Raytracing and AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution, which can have a significant impact on the overall presentation and experience.

  • Uncapped framerate
  • In-depth customization options
  • Hybrid input and extended control customization
  • Multi-monitor and widescreen support
  • In-game benchmark for performance analysis
  • DirectX Raytracing (DXR)
  • AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution Support

Far Cry 6 PC Requirements:

This game allows you to play at different resolutions like, 1080p 30fps, 1080p 60fps, 1440p 60fps and 4K 30fps. Below we’ve listed the minimum and maximum resolutions. To know the requirements of specific resolution mentioned above click here, which will take you to Ubisoft’s newsletter.

Minimum Requirement:

To play this game in 1080p 30fps with Raytracing off, you’ll need the following requirement,

CPU: AMD Ryzen 3 1200 – 3.1 GHZ or Intel i5-4460 – 3.2 GHZ

GPU: AMD RX 460 – 4 GB or NVIDIA GTX 960 – 4 GB

RAM: 8 GB (Dual-channel mode)

Storage: 60 GB HDD (SSD Recommended)

Maximum Requirement:

To play this game in max settings i.e 4K 30fps and DirectX Raytracing On you’ll need the following requirement,

CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 5800X – 3.7 GHZ or Intel i7-10700k – 3.8 GHZ

GPU: AMD RX 6800 – 16 GB or NVIDIA RTX 3080 – 10 GB

RAM: 16 GB (Dual-channel mode)

Storage: 60 GB HDD (SSD Recommended) + 37 GB for HD textures (optional)

Note that for all the settings listed above, make sure your PC is running Windows 10 (20H1 version or newer, 64-bit only), and that your system is compatible with DirectX 12 (DX12).

Here are some glimpses about Far Cry 6:

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