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Chromebooks received new educational resources and enhancements to usability

The 2020s were the decade when Chromebooks came to popularity in classrooms. After the announcement, Google has also increased its emphasis on education by adding additional features that will support teachers and students.

On Wednesday, Google announced that it plans to launch 40 new devices and accessibility upgrades in the months ahead. One of these is a screen recording tool that will be included in Chrome OS 89, which will ship in March. This will make it easier for teachers and students to record lessons and review them at a later time.

Chromebooks Feature

Credit : Google

Google expects to introduce new Chromebooks to enable students with restricted Internet connectivity and in countries with large mobile broadband networks. These devices can allow LTE connectivity, so you don’t have to depend on Wi-Fi.

Many of the 40 latest Chromebooks in the works would provide customizable features. The stylus, touchscreen, and dual-cameras are provided. Using these methods, students would be able to sketch, edit images, or take notes more quickly.

Google has revealed further usability features. As an example, Google is working to carry out new guides, better search features, and voice switching that switches the screen reader voice depending on the language of the document.

Google Workspaces for Education accounts would now be compliant with Family Connection. Additionally, Google is now introducing new updates that will enable educators better utilize different Chromebooks for pupils.

These are the newest changes to Google Meet, which is crucial to remote learning on Chrome OS.

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