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Friday, October 22, 2021

Google Play Music data will be deleted on February 24!

Are you a user of the Google Play music app? Beware, on February 24, your library will be removed! Google began sending alert email to users of Google Play Music and asked them to transfer their data to the YouTube Music streaming service.

How to Transfer Data From Google Play Music

Step1: Download the YouTube Music App, for Android or iOS

Step 2: Tap on your account > Settings > Transfer from Google Play Music > Start Transfer

Step 3: Now your uploads, purchases, added songs and albums, personal and subscribed playlists, likes and dislikes, curated stations and preferences will all start moving to YouTube Music from Google Play Music.

Step 4: The transfer could take up to a few hours depending upon the data.

Step 5: Users will get a notification and an email once the transfer is complete.

In December 2020, the Google Play Music streaming service was formally shut down.
Till February 24, Google gave its subscribers time to download, transfer or delete their data from Google Play Music to YouTube Music, and after that it’ll all be permanently deleted.
Visit play.google.com/music to review your Play Music export options before it’s permanently deleted.

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