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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Group Video Calls on Telegram Coming Very Soon…

Highlight: Group video calls on telegram will be available next month.

We saw a huge increase in video calls in 2020, prompting many messaging systems to develop their video calling capabilities. Telegram’s voice chat feature will soon allow video calls, along with features like screen-sharing, encryption, and more.

Group Video Calls On Telegram, Confirms CEO

Pavel Durov, Telegram’s CEO and founder, announced on his official Telegram channel that the company is working on integrating video calls into their voice chat function in a future update. Video calls in Telegram’s voice chats will have advanced features including screen sharing, encryption, and noise cancellation, similar to other video conferencing tools, and will be supported on all of Telegram’s devices, including desktop and mobile.

Group video calls on telegram

Telegram is allegedly planning to become a popular forum for community video calls, which will make the messaging app a lot more useful. Other than the fact that it will have “Telegram-level UI, speed, and encryption,” which is planned, not much else was revealed about the upcoming functionality. The company has a track record of only releasing features that will function smoothly once they are implemented.

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