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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Instagram adds a Remix feature for Reels to compete with TikTok’s Duet feature! Here is how you can access this new feature

Instagram has launched a new Reels update that includes a new feature called Remix. The feature is nearly similar to TikTok’s Duet feature, allowing users to make a Reel next to an existing Reel.

How can we access Remix feature on Reels?

Simply navigate to the Reel you want to Remix, then click the three dot menu and choose “Remix this Reel.” From here, you can either record your Reel live or choose a previously recorded video. There are also audio control tools for your clip and the remixed clip, as well as other editing functions.

instagram Remix feature

Point To Note:

➤ Any new Reel created by default will have the ability to be “Remixed.” For older Reels, the original creator must “Enable Remixing” by clicking the option in the three dot menu. Instagram also allows to disable Remixing for all reels from their profile settings based on user preferences.

Reels, with a similar format of sharing short-form videos produced by users was already regarded as a TikTok knockoff. Reels has recently gained a lot of attention from the company, with features including a dedicated tab for the app on the Home screen. As a way to spread their own material, they’ve de-emphasized content that’s been recycled from other sites like TikTok, Moj, etc.,

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