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Microsoft Surface Event 2021: What to expect

The annual season dubbed “techtober” will begin a little earlier this year, as Microsoft will host a hardware event on September 22. As has been the case in the past, Microsoft is rumored to use this event to announce a new slate of Microsoft Surface devices — though the media invitations only state that Microsoft will “discuss devices and Windows 11.”

With the launch of Windows 11 scheduled for October 5, this year’s Surface event may end up being larger than in the past. We could see a new Surface Pro model, a refreshed Surface Laptop Pro, and much more. Here is everything we currently know.

When and where will the Surface event be broadcast?

Microsoft has confirmed the date for the Surface event, which will take place on September 22. It is scheduled to begin at approximately 8:00 a.m. Pacific Time on September 22. If you are not from the United States, you can convert this to your local time zone by clicking here.

Microsoft Surface

As a result of the pandemic, this event will be entirely digital. Microsoft will not host an in-person gallery in New York City, as it previously did. Rather than that, you’ll need to watch the event live via Microsoft’s website. We’ll keep this post updated with new information and will include a link when it becomes available.

Surface Duo 2

One device about which we have a lot of information that may appear at this Surface event is the Surface Duo 2. This device, the follow-up to 2020’s Surface Duo, has garnered considerable attention in the lead-up to its release. It addresses all of the shortcomings of the original Surface Duo and may include a new black color option.

Microsoft Surface Duo 2 Release Date, Pricing and Spec News
Source: Tech Rat

At the moment, we know that the Surface Duo 2 will most likely feature a significant design change. According to photos of a prototype, we believe the Duo 2’s rear camera will feature a triple-camera setup. Then, based on Geekbench listings, we know it will be powered by the Snapdragon 888 processor. Additional enhancements could include NFC, 5G, and wireless charging. Additionally, the device could ship with Android 11.

A new Surface Pro model

There hasn’t been much discussion of it, but based on teasers posted on social media, Microsoft may launch a new Surface Pro device at its September 22 event. However, we’re unsure whether this will be a standard Surface Pro or a Surface Pro X device. We see only the signature Surface Type Cover and a Surface device with the kickstand extended out in the image.

Microsoft's Surface Event teaser, a new Surface Pro.

A new Surface Pro model is long overdue, as Microsoft’s Surface Pro lineup was only slightly refreshed this year with the Surface Pro 7+. The Surface Pro 7+ retained the same design as the Surface Pro 7, but boasted upgraded internal specifications.

If Microsoft does announce a new Surface Pro at this event, it is likely to include thinner bezels and Intel’s new Alder Lake processors. Based on what we’ve seen in Windows 11, the next Surface Pro may even include integrated haptics and a Surface Pen.

However, that is not all. Additionally, a refreshed Surface Pro X could be released to compete with Apple’s M1 Macbooks. Microsoft made some progress this year with the ARM architecture, adding 64-bit app emulation to Windows 11 and collaborating with Qualcomm on development kits. A refreshed Surface Pro X would be an excellent way to demonstrate all of this progress.

Microsoft Surface Laptop Pro or Microsoft Surface Book 4

The Surface Book 4 is another Surface device that is expected to be unveiled at this event. Keep in mind that Microsoft may rebrand the Surface Book 4 as the Surface Laptop Pro. This device has the potential to be one of the most powerful Surface devices yet.

Surface Book 4 fan renders show off a floating display | Windows Central

In comparison to previous Surface Book devices, the Surface Book 4 may take on a different shape. Rumors suggest it may feature a new design similar to the iPad. This is the configuration in which the display is not detachable but rather pivots downward toward the keyboard. This would enable Microsoft to pack the device with more powerful components. We’re anticipating the device to feature Nvidia’s new RTX 30-series graphics and Intel’s 11th-generation and possibly even 12th-generation CPUs.

New accessories for the Surface Go 3, Surface Laptop Go?

Microsoft Surface Go 3: Release date, price, and more
Source: XDA

We discussed all of the major devices expected to be announced on September 22, but there is still some additional hardware that we believe could be announced. One of them is a Surface Go 3, which was recently spotted on Geekbench sporting updated Intel Pentium Gold and Core i3 processors. This is Microsoft’s most affordable Surface, and it may be an effective way to promote Windows 11 by allowing users to experience the operating system on a low-cost device.

Microsoft may also refresh the Surface Laptop Go in addition to the Surface Go 3. This was announced in 2020 and was designed to be an affordable way to stay productive while also enjoying some of the more premium features available in the Surface Laptop lineup. While it would be nice to see the Laptop Go receive Intel’s latest processors, given its age of less than a year, we have our doubts.

Given that Microsoft sells Surface-branded accessories such as earbuds and headphones (as well as speakers and webcams), it’s not surprising to see updates for them as well. Typically, each new Surface release includes a slew of accessories that can be purchased separately.

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