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Are Mid Range Phones Catching up with the top-tier Flagships? Here are some thoughts!

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For years, mid range phones have been distant from flagships. However, the conversation around mid-range phones has shifted in 2020. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the midrange smartphone segment has suddenly become more appealing to consumers.  While high-end phones like the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phones will always coexist with lower-cost phones like the iPhone SE and Samsung’s A-series, most people will not be willing to pay more than a point for a phone.  Aside from the obvious price, there are some reasons why you can get a mid-range phone instead of a flagship in the current scenario if you’re a normal user.

Premium Features in Mid Range devices:

As the years go, mid-range phones are tangling with the flagship in terms of performance and cameras.   For example, take the OnePlus Nord and the OnePlus flagship phones.  Both phones are targeted at different price points, but they provide a very similar overall experience that many end-users will be satisfied with. The point is that mid-range phones now feel and perform like flagship phones to most consumers.  So it’s obvious to say high-end flagship phones are more powerful than midrange but the difference margin is becoming thinner.

To add upon, mid-range phones are also supporting 5G connectivity like many other flagships which give more satisfaction to pick a device that costs half of the flagship devices.  Many popular mid-range phones have a 6000mAh battery (but it certainly struggles to last even a day due to poor optimization).  the 3.5mm headphone jack in most of the midrange devices is also a point to consider, which flagship phones do not have, and some of them love to listen to music in the 3.5-mm headphone jack.


Some believe that mid-range phones couldn’t compete with top-tier phones in terms of performance, yes that’s true but Qualcomm and MediaTek’s mid-range chipsets now have high-performance and also improved graphics capabilities for gaming which will satisfy the majority.  It will run bigger beefy games in the mobiles without any hiccups or stutters. Also, the ISP of midrange chips like Qualcomm’s 7 series of processors has been improved which in turn assists the camera performance.


 Over the last few years, camera performance has been a major differentiator between mid-range phones and flagships, but the differences are narrowing.  Presentlymid-range phones can take stunning pictures like most of the flagship phones even though it has the mid-range chips in it.  Manufacturers like Samsung and Sony made their sensors by giving their best and even some companies like OnePlus with the help of Samsung and Sony can make their custom sensors and they are improving their quality by their software.  This will prove mid-range phones are not slouched to flagship phones.

Conclusion on Mid-range Vs Flagship Phones:

We can agree that the flagship has more bits and pieces of options than the midrange phones especially in terms of optimization, in-hand feel, performance, etc., But midrange has its pluses.  In this pandemic situation, people only have lesser pennies to spend so from the consumer point of view I believe in value for money phones as most of the flagship qualities in a device so the midrange can fulfill their needs to the core.

This is my thought.  What are your thoughts as you believe in flagship phones versed-ranging phones?  Please feel free to put me in a comment so that I will know about how people are believing.  Thanks for your precious time to read this.

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