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Saturday, September 25, 2021

NVIDIA unveils the RTX A2000 GPU, At SIGGRAPH 2021 among other things.

RTX A2000

RTX A2000

At SIGGRAPH 2021, NVIDIA announced a number of new capabilities and tools for 3D content creators. SIGGRAPH, which stands for Special Interest Group on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques, is a computer graphics conference, so these announcements make sense. Today’s announcements include the RTXA2000, a new RTX GPU for creators, as well as new NVIDIA Omniverse tools.

NVIDIA describes the RTXA2000 GPU as the “most powerful, low-profile, dual-slot GPU” in its 3D creator lineup. The company didn’t provide specific details, but the GPU includes all of the advantages of NVIDIA’s Ampere architecture. In October, the desktop version of the RTXA2000 will be available for purchase. However, if you’re a mobile creator, the RTXA2000 laptop GPU is now available in laptops such as the Lenovo ThinkPad P17 Gen 2. This is NVIDIA’s most power-efficient RTX mobile GPU, according to the company.

NVIDIA also had some news about the Omniverse platform to share at SIGGRAPH 2021. First and foremost, it was revealed that in version 3.0, Blender, a popular 3D animation tool, will add support for Pixar’s Universal Scene Description. Blender can now be used with Omniverse’s production pipelines. NVIDIA also demoed a Blender 3.0 alpha build with more advanced USD and material support. Adobe Substance, which received a series of RTX optimizations a few months ago, is getting even better. NVIDIA and Adobe have partnered to make Substance materials available in NVIDIA Omniverse.

At SIGGRAPH 2021, NVIDIA also unveiled GANverse3D – Image2Car, a new Omniverse extension. The tool, like the Canvas tool released in June, is based on a generative adversarial network, according to GAN. This new tool can take two-dimensional images of a car and use artificial intelligence to create a three-dimensional model of it, complete with headlights, blinkers, and wheels. This new tool is just the first in NVIDIA’s AI Toy Box. This will be a set of tools aimed at making the 3D design more accessible to both inexperienced and experienced artists.

Finally, NVIDIA mentioned some updates for creators, such as a new Studio Driver for NVIDIA GPUs. A number of apps have also added new features that take advantage of the RTX GPUs’ capabilities. New Topaz Sharpen AI processing tools, support for exporting characters from Reallusion Character Creator to NVIDIA Omniverse, and a new Magic Brush tool in Capture One 21 are among them.

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