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Friday, December 3, 2021

OnePlus 8T gets its first OxygenOS 11 Open Beta update!

OnePlus 8T’s very first Open Beta build is now rolling out. The first beta does not have any new features and instead concentrates on improving specific aspects of the app. Frame rate responsiveness and the gameplay experience have been enhanced. Animations in the weather app and the layout of the cloud service in the Gallery app are among the other improvements. The update also includes the February security patch.

OnePlus 8TChangelog:

ϟ Optimized the UI display of the status bar
ϟ Optimized the stability of the frame rate and improve its experience while playing games
ϟ Optimized the Community homepage with more noticeable notification
ϟ Updated Android security patch to 2021.02
ϟ Optimized the animations of sunny and cloudy days for a clearer dynamic display
ϟ Optimized the layout of the cloud service in the Gallery for a better operation experience

ϟ Please be advised that the battery level is well above 30% and that you have at least 3GB of storage space available.
ϟ Please remember that this is a beta software update, which means it might not be as stable as stable builds.
ϟ For more information, you check out the official OnePlus Community

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