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Friday, October 22, 2021

OnePlus announces Unified OS along with Oppo! No OnePlus 9T Smartphone this year

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OnePlus (aka OP) CEO Pete Lau has announced that the company’s typical T-series product would not be released in the second half of this year. Following the company’s combination with sister BBK Electronics subsidiary Oppo, he also stated that next year’s OnePlus flagship phone would operate on a new unified operating system. In July, the company announced that the codebases of its Android-based OxygenOS and Oppo’s ColorOS would be merged.

New Unified OS between Oppo and OnePlus:

unified os

The underlying codebases of OxygenOS and Oppo’s ColorOS will be merged in what is effectively a merger between OnePlus and Oppo. The two Android-based operating systems will retain their respective brands and features, according to Lau, but the code that underpins both will be the same, and they will be developed by a single team. According to OP, the method will result in an operating system that is “quick and fluid” and “clean and lightweight,” similar to OxygenOS, but also “reliable” and “smart and feature-rich,” like ColorOS.

The new OS will not only be available to new OP phones; it will also be available to older OnePlus devices that are still supported. Three significant updates for flagship phones, two for most Nord devices, and one for Nord N phones are included in these support periods.

We have a focus on bringing together the OnePlus and Oppo teams to be able to bring together the strengths of both sides into the merged entity.

Pete Lau

No OnePlus 9T Smartphone

The company has also stated that there will be no T-series flagship for global markets this year, as the OP 9 and OP 9 Pro are still quite powerful and “will remain competitive throughout the year.” This does not rule out the potential of the phone being released in markets such as India and China, as has been speculated previously.


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