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Reddit Talk – Voice Chat feature is unveiled, Sign up for waitlist now!

Reddit has unveiled a signup form for beta testers interested in using their voice chat feature. a new feature that allows you to host live audio chats in your communities. Presently, you can have conversations and hang out with people in your communities using text threads, photos, videos, chats, and live streams.

Features: Reddit Talk

▶ Talks take place within communities, and during early tests, only the moderators of that community will be able to start a conversation.
▶ Any redditor can enter a live talk and listen in while reacting with emojis. Listeners may also lift their hand to be invited to speak by the host.
▶ During a talk, hosts can invite, mute, and delete speakers. They can also exclude users from the conversation and prohibit them from returning.
▶ Redditors may also customise their avatars to suit the conversation.

What is the purpose of Reddit Talk? Whatever the communities want to do with it. You may use talks to host Q&As, AMAs, seminars, sports-radio-style interviews, group feedback sessions, or simply to provide a gathering place for community members.

Reddit Talk
Source: Reddit

Are you up for it? Sign up now!
If you’d like to try out Reddit Talk for your community, sign up for our waitlist and we’ll notify you when it’s ready. Only moderators will be able to initiate discussions during the early stages of testing, but everyone on iOS or Android will be able to listen in. We’ll work with moderators after these early tests to enable other trusted community members to host talks.

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