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Saturday, September 11, 2021

Samsung Galaxy S22 series will come with Exynos 2200 to US, Europe and China but not India!

Samsung Galaxy S22 Series

The Exynos 2200 will be the next Samsung flagship chipset, and it will power some of the Samsung Galaxy S22 series phones, which are slated to appear in early 2022. According to reports from South Korea, the business may break with tradition and introduce phones using its own processor in the United States and China.

Verizon and China Telecom, two of the country’s largest operators, have begun talks with Samsung about securing exclusive Exynos chips while their domestic competitors stick with Qualcomm.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Series won’t come with Exynos 2200 in India

Exynos 2200
Photo by Anh Nhat on Unsplash

According to the information obtained from a South Korean bulletin board, 100 percent of Galaxy S22 handsets in Europe will receive the next Exynos, as is customary, while India may opt for Qualcomm 898.

Samsung has been segmenting its S line chipsets into separate areas for the past five years. While Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon platform was delivered to the United States and China, the fastest Exynos was delivered to the rest of the world. However, it appears that the current Exynos is proving to be a powerhouse, which is why carriers are attempting to reach an agreement with Samsung.

Another fascinating information disclosed by the source is that the situation has produced internal strife at Samsung’s Suwon headquarters. The IM (Information Management and Mobile Communications) division has asked the Semiconductor team to reduce the chip’s cost “because to the low yield of Exynos 2200.” The Mobile team is already negotiating with Qualcomm for a cheaper price, which is why the S.LSI team is finding it difficult to turn down any offers.


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