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Friday, December 3, 2021

Samsung is providing the payback period to 100 days for its latest foldable devices.

Samsung will provide you yet more chance to return it if you’re unhappy with your Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G or Z Flip 5G. The brand is extending the payback period for its newest folding devices to 100 days. Which guarantees that before continuing to keep it, you can use either phone for over three months.

Samsung labels this new program “Buy and Try” which is the first time the company has introduced a return campaign for its smartphones. The original time frame of return was 15 days.

“This new initiative will help consumers try and see if a foldable device is right for them, as part of Samsung’s commitment to making foldable devices more accessible for everyone,” Samsung said that in a report to The Verge.

Yet, It’s just the beginning with a more enticing return policy, it’s only a matter of convincing users at wide that the foldable smartphone is the main focus in coming years!

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