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Spaces by twitter is finally testing on Android

Clubhouse has enjoyed recent success thanks to the launch of a revolutionary concept: real-time drop-in audio chats where everyone can visit and interact. We have also covered about the clubhouse here. COVID-19 pandemic, where the internet and social media were much more prominent in our lives than they already were in previous days, and this development was extremely intensified after 2021 had begun. It has therefore made “audio chatrooms” more well known, and major media firms are trying to take advantage of this development, with Facebook supposedly rushing to create its own rival app. Additionally, Twitter developed their own platform, called Twitter Spaces, and it is currently in the testing process on Android.

So far, Twitter Spaces has only been launched on iOS and contains iOS-specific features including voice tweets (which are yet to come to Android), but the feature has still been accepted by a number of people even though it’s only in “test mode” as Twitter puts it. Is it being checked on Android now? Most users are saying that it is functioning, such as in these responses. According to users, this feature operates after downloading a specific beta update of the Twitter app (which you can download right here to see if it works for you).

twitter spaces

What’s the catch? First, considering that no Android release has been announced and because the feature isn’t yet running on the stable version of the software, it’s fair to conclude that the feature is incomplete. And on top of that: Android Police reports that captions look quirky, and it’s difficult to launch your own room. A good thing of its own, and we can’t wait for the launch to end.

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