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2 Megapixel: Dear Manufacturers! Stop This Trend

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How many of you require quad or triple sensors in your smartphone? What purpose does the inclusion of 2 MEGAPIXEL (MEGA-PICKLE) sensors in that quad camera setup serve? Do the quad sensors or the triple sensors meet your requirements? Let us speak.

I am not a kind of a big beefy reviewer but with my little mind about the technology I too have some of my thoughts about 2 MEGA-PICKLE camera.

In my thoughts there are few kinds of cameras in the smartphone industry A). Wide angle B). Ultra-wide angle C). Telephoto D). Macro lenses and E). Portrait lenses.


As the smartphone makers says using those 2 MEGAPIXEL cameras can catch-up the depth details and giving access to us macro photography (do you use those in daily life) participate in our poll by clicking the link.


In my thoughts wide angle and ultras wide angle sensors plays most important part in our life with wide angle shots but in the name of quad camera set-up and three camera set-up these manufactures do gimmicky things like introducing 2 mega (pickle) pixel cameras in to our smartphones.  Open to your heart are you think you are using those 2 Megapixel in everyday use.  See in the form of main sensor the depth and details of the background can be collected and processed by the software, if the main sensor does means what is for that 2 Mega (Pickle) pixel sensor.  In my other words its gimmick.

My Thoughts:

In this world consumers are not in rush to buy a new products as many techtubers are giving their opinions, so smartphone manufactures should be smart enough to make themselves to change their gimmicky thingsLet see what goes on in future.

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