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The latest Beta version v5.4.2 of Signal introduces a host of new features. You will love them

The Signal Beta Version facilitates landscape video calling, compression of the image size, styling of the conversation header, and much more! Download the App Here

Signal Private Messenger (Beta v5.4.2)

ϟ Support for landscape video calling in one-on-one conversations lets you rotate your phone without tilting your head.
ϟ Your larger-than-life memories are always just the right size thanks to image compression and quality improvements.
ϟ We streamlined the design of conversation headers and the message composition box to enhance accessibility, make your wallpapers look even better, and give the app a more modern appearance.


Landscape video calling in one-on-one conversations

Image compression

Design of conversation headers

How to: Open any of your Chat conversations > Tap on (…) dots > Conversation settings > Chat color > Pick your preferred color and That’s it!

Signal is rolling out these features to users having a beta build. It might also appear in a previous update but it’s very recommended to update to the latest v5.4.2 beta update!!!
ϟ The above mentioned feature is not available in stable build yet because it might be under development/testing and the same will be enabled in a future updates!!!

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