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Friday, December 3, 2021

Share particular timestamp of song/podcast with Spotify’s new update!


Spotify revealed that sharing tracks or podcasts at a specific time(timestamp sharing) would be easier with the latest update. The streaming platform is introducing a new Share button option that will enable listeners to share at the current playtime, with recipients receiving a link that will take them straight to the point of song/track.

With new podcast timestamp sharing, you can now share podcast episodes beginning at a particular moment—so you can make sure your friends tune in at that one part you think they’ll love

timestamp sharing

Improved Canvas Feature on Spotify:

Canvas is also being improved by the company. When the gadget is not tucked away in a pocket or on a desk, Canvas adds video-art showcases to static song pages, creating a whole new listening experience. These visualisations were previously only easily posted on Instagram Stories, but Spotify has now added Snapchat to the mix. Furthermore, previews will be available inside the Spotify app, enabling you to see how your shared tracks will appear before they are uploaded to the app.

Spotify’s Canvas feature turns static song pages into video-art showcases.

An improved layout with an easier to see grid while sharing on social media is also implemented by the company.

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