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Friday, October 22, 2021

Tinder is introducing ‘Vibes’ – A new 48-hour in-app event!


Tinder is introducing “Vibes”, a new in-app event for users. When the event begins in their area, individuals will be notified via push notification or when they open the app.

Participants in the Vibe event will be asked a series of questions ranging from personality characteristics to pop culture in order to help customize matches for them, a process known as a “Vibe check” by the brand. When the Vibe check is right, that is, when the current Vibes of participants match, you will be able to chat or video call with your match. The feature will be accessible in late May.

Vibes will be shown on member profiles for 72 hours and “move quickly,” according to firm. Each event will only last 48 hours, but there will be more in the future.
Tinder’s VP of Product, Udi Milo, said , “We built Vibes to help make profiles as dynamic as our members while giving them more to match on along the way. This is the first of many things we’re creating for the app community this year so they can show off more of their personalities on the app.”

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