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Friday, October 22, 2021

Twitter to bring the ability to ‘unmention’ yourself from a conversation


Twitter, a microblogging space is undergoing many revamping in recent times like adding super followers, personalization changes for premium accounts, etc., Now it looks like Twitter is bringing more privacy features to the table as the company’s privacy designer Dominic Camozzi teased the upcoming features. Upcoming privacy features include the ability to unmention yourself from the tweet you’ve been mentioned, banning/muting a certain account to mention your account, and some changes which help you to control mass mentions.

‘Unmention’ yourself on a particular Tweet on Twitter:

At the moment, if you were tagged in a conversation that you don’t want to get tagged or caught in a reply storm, you just have to ask to be excluded manually, or block or mute everybody else – but now twitter is bringing a new feature so that you can return to the conversation you’ve been mentioned or ‘unmention’ yourself directly.

unmention yourself

In addition, Camozzi highlighted various options that you may adjust to make yourself forever unmentionable to someone for a period or to certain specified persons. If someone you don’t follow mentions you and you then unmention yourself, you’ll be subject to an individual mention ban.

This may be an easy solution to the harassment, brigading, floods of alerts, and overall annoyance that can occur when you’re tagged or replied to in a tweet that receives a lot of attention, or when your mentions start a long and tiring fight. It could go a long way toward keeping loud weirdos and their friends and adversaries out of your menchies when combined with other tools like quality filters, muting, and blocking.

Control Mass Mentions Easily:

If your one among who have tons of followers this feature will be a great one. The company is adding some settings to manage mass mentions – like if your mentioned in many tweets. First of all there will a alert notification if you’ve been mentioned in many tweets. Then you can review those tweets and control or mute the ability to mention you for a certain period of time.

That’s it guys I hope this thread might help you. If yes do consider checking other articles from TechnspiceBlog. What do you think of these new privacy features that the company is bringing do leave a comment.


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