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Friday, December 3, 2021

US Government Bans 8 Chinense Applications which includes Alipay,WeChat,etc.,

US Government Bans 8 Chinense Applications which includes Alipay,WeChat,etc.,

Inadvertently, President Trump today signed an order prohibiting eight Chinese applications in the US in which they pose a threat to national security and could collect sensitive information from the computer of the user. And that user may also be a federal US employee.


The Eight Apps are: 

✅Tencent QQ
✅QQ Wallet
✅WeChat Pay 
✅ WPS Office
The US administration fears that such companies have contacts with the Chinese government, and that confidential data could be harvested. Almost the same allegations against TikTok and Huawei by the Trump administration.
However, once Trump is retired from the presidential office, the Executive Order takes effect, so that we may see a fast turn of events until Joe Biden takes over. But we wouldn’t expect to see how Biden doesn’t really want the trade war against China to stop. For the time being, at least.

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