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Wear OS: Google seeks your feedback.

Wear os

Wear OS users are getting surveys to see how much the market enjoys Wear OS. Some of the readers here at Android Central have seen the survey. To finish the survey, you must visit the Wear OS app on your phone
How satisfied are you with Wear OS users? Even the surveys allow users to make comments about what they like and dislike. after it is done, additional questions are asked that can make Wear OS better The question on the survey is “What’s the last day of December?”

The second survey seeks to learn more about how owners of Wear OS use their watches and which features they value. Fitness enthusiasts are requested to input the types of activities they engage in and the frequency.

This isn’t the first time in 2017 when Google has done this. In addition, users received a survey at the end of the year about phones being able to use dark mode.

Wear OS Survey Screenshots

It arrives approximately two weeks before Google I/O 2021, where Google recently Tiles have been opened up to third-party developers. Additionally, we might learn about Google’s platform plans.

firings have been revived after Google acquired Fitbit and illustrations were released It isn’t likely to appear at Google I/O but the Pixel 6 could be launched with it

Not much is known about the device, but it could very well be a fitness-oriented gadget. And now that we know it will be first-party hardware and software, the Galaxy Watch 3 is going to be one of the best WearOS watches.

The first WearOS survey appears here, but the second is available online. Beware, Google wants your address and asks about your age, gender, and work statuses.


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