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Saturday, November 27, 2021

WhatsApp releases Cheat Codes for Windows and MacOS users: Here is a full list of shortcuts!

WhatsApp, the popular instant messaging service, has launched shortcut keys, which WhatsApp is calling as ‘Whatsapp Cheat Codes’ for Mac and Windows users.

These shortcuts were revealed by WhatsApp via twitter with tagline ‘Final boss mode: UNLOCKED!’ . Users may use these shortcut keys to unroll a message, open a new chat window, mute chatting, and browse through a chat list, among other things.

The shortcut can differ depending on the user’s operating system and form of operation. As a result, WhatsApp has divided cheat codes into four groups. There’s a Mac desktop app, a Mac browser, a Windows desktop app, and a Windows browser edition for each platform. Here are the lists for each category.

WhatsApp Desktop Shortcuts for Windows browser:

Windows Browser

WhatsApp Desktop Shortcuts for Windows Desktop App:

Windows Desktop App

WhatsApp Desktop Shortcuts for Mac Browser:

Mac Browser

WhatsApp Desktop Shortcuts for Mac Desktop App:

Mac Desktop App

I hope these shortcuts will reduce your chatting time by half. If you like this kind of tech related articles stay connected with Technspiceblog!

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