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WhatsApp web Amazing new features: Image editor, New Emojis


WhatsApp has updated its browser client Whats app Web with a few new features. A new, better way to edit images before sending them to your contacts is one of the new features, which aligns the Web experience with the mobile version. A new update for the mobile version also adds new emojis to the platform. Here’s a rundown of all the new features.

WhatsApp web new features: New Emojis

With version, WhatsApp adds new emojis to the app. These will be available on both the Android and iOS apps for the platform. According to WABetaInfo, these new emojis were discovered in the app’s beta version.
Emojis for multiple skin tones, couples kissing, the dazzled face with spiral eyes, and a face in the clouds are among the new additions. New emojis for men and women with various skin tones and hairstyles, as well as bearded emojis for both men and women, will be available. There will be a total of 217 new emojis added to the platform, according to reports.

Both the sender and the receiver must be using the beta version of the app to fully utilize the emoji. This means that if you’re using the latest WhatsApp Beta, which includes the new feature, you’ll be limited to sending the new emojis to other beta users.

WhatsApp web new features: New Image Editor

The app’s new image editing tools are part of the new ‘Drawing Tools’ bundle, which allows users to fine-tune photos before sending them. The feature, which allows users to mark items, add filters, and even text elements, has been available on WhatsApp’s smartphone apps for a long time.

Users will be able to doodle on top of an existing image, add stickers, and emojis and the Web version will be able to do the same. Before sending an image to someone, users will be able to crop or rotate it with the tool.

These tools will most likely be implemented in the same way that they are in the app’s mobile versions. Along with the send button, tools for doodling and adding supported elements should appear on the screen after selecting an image to send within a chat window. Users will be able to edit the image however they want or send it directly if they prefer at this point.

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