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Friday, October 22, 2021

With Microsoft Edge, you can now add an Outlook Smart Tile to your new tab

Outlook Smart Tile

Microsoft Edge has a new feature that makes keeping track of your latest emails much easier. You can now allow an Outlook Smart Tile on Microsoft’s browser’s new tab page. This tile displays the three most recent emails you’ve sent, as well as shortcuts to build a new email or case.

Outlook Smart Tile

To use the function, go to Edge’s new tab page and add Outlook as a website. When you press the “+” button to add a website, Outlook should appear as a recommendation. After that, you’ll be able to turn on the Outlook Smart Tile.

Microsoft revealed the feature in January, and Reddit user Leopeva64-2 spotted it in motion. The feature first appeared on Edge Canary for Leopeva64-2, but it appears to be available on the stable version of Edge as well, at least for some users. Although I have the choice on Edge stable, it’s possible that the feature is being phased in.

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