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Tuesday, November 23, 2021

YouTube will now allow users of Android to watch 4K Videos

According to XDADevelopers, Google is introducing YouTube on Android phones with a new streaming feature. The article states that, through a server-side update, the corporation activated the new streaming capability. It ensures that smartphones with 1080p or 720p support could now display videos at higher resolutions of up to 4K and HDRR.

The app now displays all video quality options up to 2160p60 irrespective of the device resolution – Check out the image below;


YouTube Highlights:

4K streaming for Android users was eventually rolled out by YouTube.
Although 1080p is the standard resolution on most mobile devices, Users can able to watch up to 1080p or High Definition content.
In 2019, HDR and 4K availability was rolled out along with iOS 14.

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