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[App of the Week] Ling App: Learn a new language and get a new soul!

Ling App

Ling app is an innovative language learning app that offers courses in more than 60 languages. Short themed sessions provide practice, making study time more convenient and enjoyable. It isn’t the most complete resource available, specifically for more popular languages, as it can be a fine place to begin if you’re learning something new.


Price: Free to use | In-app purchases

Size: 68 MB

Version: 3.4.6

Updated: 17/08/2021

Rated: Rated 3+

Developer: Simya Solutions Ltd.

Ling App Language and Courses:

Ling’s lesson plan has up to 50 divisions that are divided by skill level. You’ll discover tutorials here that will take you from beginner to expert! It’s also worth noting that you can play any unit from the entire course whenever you wish. It is not dependent on you unlocking new chapters as you progress. So go ahead and explore as much as you want!

If you want to practise saying new words and phrases. There is a specific speaking session in each course where you can rehearse the new content. Within the dedicated chatbot section, you’ll also have lots of hands – on activities speaking.

Gameplay that is interactive for learning:

When it comes to grammar, you’ll largely be learning through a series of sample phrases and conversational scenarios. A spelling assignment, a sentence-ordering exercise, multiple-choice questions, and a matching task are all included in this practice. Each level begins by teaching new vocabulary, then moves on to demonstrating how to apply it to a set of new sentences.

Monkey’s Chatbot is both innovative and entertaining:

When you get to the end of a lesson, you’ll be ready to have a discussion with your monkey companion (Chatbot). You’re not only restricted to one response; each chat allows you to choose from a number of options to steer the topic in a variety of directions.

You start by listening and reading along with the dialogue in these experiences. Then it’s up to you to join in on the conversation by filling in the spaces.

Tracking Your Skills and Achievements:

Go to the profile tab below to log in with your Google account. As you progress through the app, there is a fun achievement section where you can see what performance targets you’ve completed and which ones remain to be completed.

Top Highlights: Ling App

– Learn Languages from Native Speakers

– Enjoy a Variety of Different Activities

– Learn to Read and Write the Alphabet

– Listen to Natural Conversations

– Build up a Vocabulary of Useful Words and Phrases

– Choose From a Range of Different Topics

– Suitable for All Fluency Levels

– Easy to Navigate and Use

The Good:

– It’s simple to use with attractive navigation throughout the app

– More than 100 languages are available for you to learn

– With native speaker audio, the speech analysis is outstanding.

– Monkey chatbot is a lot of fun to learn with, and everyone will enjoy it.

– Accessibility across all platforms.

– The app’s value is enhanced with mini learning games.

To be improved:

– A little more expensive

– It’s hit or miss when it comes to translations.

– There is no offline access.

– There’s no dark theme yet!

Final Words: Ling App

In just 10 minutes a day, you can learn new languages in a fun and engaging way. Ling is the language learning app with the most languages. It’s your virtual classroom, where you can immerse yourself in many languages and improve everything from pronunciation to spelling – a range of puzzles, tasks, and quizzes will keep you engaged and interested throughout your language learning journey. It’s a great way for beginners, intermediates, and advanced language learners to measure and enhance their language abilities.

The first two units are, on the whole, free to borrow. Give it a shot if you can’t find any other useful resources to get started in a less popular language. It’s definitely an app worth considering for purchase because it has a lot of replay value.

If you’re thinking about getting the ling-app, please do it through our link 👈, which will help support our blog at no additional cost.

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