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Thursday, September 2, 2021

InShare App Review: A Good File Sharing App

Hello, everyone I’m going to express my views on the Inshare file sharing app. The process of sharing or providing access to digital information or resources, such as documents, multimedia (audio/video), graphics, computer programmes, photographs, and e-books, is known as file-sharing. It is the distribution of data or resources in a network, either privately or publicly, with varying levels of sharing privileges.

This is a file-sharing app that can share contents like audio, video, images, documentary files, zip files, etc. inshare is an alternative app for share it. In the last year ( 2020 ) most of the Chinese apps are surrounded by security issues example: TikTok, helo, beauty plus me, etc which also includes Shareit – a famous file sharing app. If your looking for a better alternative to Shareit then read my review to find out if Inshare App is worth a try.

About InShare:                                                      



developer: Inshot inc.

released on: 28-June-2019.

app size: 10MB.

Play Store Link

Features of InShare App                                               

file sharing app

* supports all android devices. Inshare gives 200 times faster Bluetooth sharing. upto 40 mb/s video sharing: 1g less than 30 seconds.

* cross-platform access: android, ios, mac, windows.

* languages supported: 30+.

* inshare app doesn’t need a data connection for sharing files.

* 100% safer file sharing.

  • * faster file sharing.

  • * easy connecting.

  • * safe & secure.

  • * easy access.

  • * ads in the user interface.


if you are looking for a faster & safer file sharing app then you can go for – inshare app.

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