May 28, 2024

Online privacy and security are to online communications exchange sensitive information over text messages, email, and other digital mediums. However, these channels are vulnerable to hacking, data breaches, and government surveillance.  One such service is Privnote – a free online tool for users to send encrypted, self-destructing notes and messages. Read on to learn how Privnote works and the benefits it provides to keep your messages secure. Some key features of Privnote include:

  1. Strong encryption – Messages are encrypted end-to-end using 256-bit AES encryption. All messages are encrypted so that only the intended recipient can view them.
  2. Self-destructing – Notes automatically delete after being read once, removing any traces of the communication. Users also set an expiration timer.
  3. Log policy – Privnote does not store any transmission data, IP addresses, or message history. It provides enhanced anonymity.
  4. File sending- Users securely send files up to 2GB in size that also self-destruct after being downloaded once.
  5. No registration required – Privnote does not require creating an account, registering, or providing any personal information.

On the Privnote website tornote, the user composes their note and adds an optional password. The note content is encrypted in the browser using a randomly generated AES key. The encrypted note data is sent to Privnote along with the AES encryption key, which itself is encrypted with a public RSA key. Privnote’s server stores the encrypted note and encrypted AES key as a URL and displays it to the user. When the recipient visits the URL, Privnote decrypts the AES key using its private RSA key, then uses the AES key to decrypt the note content and display it.  After the note is viewed, both the note content and AES key are purged from Privnote’s server. The URL becomes invalid. It process ensures the notes are unreadable while stored on Privnote’s servers. Only the sender and recipient ever see the decrypted contents.

Examples of using Privnote

There are many practical scenarios where sending an encrypted Privnote could come in handy:

  1. Personal information exchange– Share things like passwords, credit card details, addresses, or phone numbers securely. The note destroys this sensitive information after reading.
  2. Private conversations – Have discreet conversations about confidential topics that don’t leave a trail after the fact. It provides privacy even if your accounts are compromised in the future.
  3. Anonymous tips – Privnote allows anonymity, so it be used to send anonymous reports or warnings without revealing your identity.
  4. Tech support keys – Safely deliver software registration keys, codes, or passwords to provide tech support without risking their public exposure after the fact.
  5. Email alternative– In situations where email may be monitored or insecure, a Privnote acts like a secure single-use email message.
  6. Work collaboration – Colleagues share info relevant to a project that doesn’t need to be permanently recorded, like passwords or meeting notes.
  7. Private requests – Make sensitive requests that you don’t want to be recorded, like asking for time off when job searching or requesting a raise after hours.
  8. Relationship building – Have private conversations as you build trust in new relationships, communicate during arguments, or exchange contact info/photos.

Privnote has a wide range of uses – both serious and casual. Anytime you need to share information privately, Privnote protects your communications.

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