July 25, 2024

Back then, students had to line up in their school registrars to enroll themselves. But through the constant development of technology, registering via the Internet is now possible. Online school registration has become the current and primary way for students worldwide to enroll in their chosen university.

But while online registration has aided in making students’ lives easier, many university portals may be unprepared to handle the volume of enrollees. And with only a few weeks given to the students to register for their desired programs and courses, the school portals can go laggy and load slowly.

Hence, experts recommend universities prepare their systems before enrollment to prevent page abandonment and performance issues. Multiple ways can be done to ensure that your portal works seamlessly. One way is to merge an ERP like the Ellucian Banner with a reliable website load testing tool.

How Can Ellucian Banner Enhance Online Registration?

Ellucian Banner can enhance online registration by providing a user-friendly and streamlined process for students to register for courses. It offers features such as online course catalogs, real-time availability of classes, and intuitive registration workflows.

With Banner, students can easily search for courses, view prerequisites and class schedules, register for classes, and adjust their schedules. The system also automates processes like waitlisting, credit calculations, and generating class rosters, improving efficiency and reducing manual efforts in managing registrations.

To make things even better, the Ellucian Banner may utilize WebLOAD, a performance and loading test tool, to assess the system’s scalability and reliability under various load conditions.

WebLOAD can simulate heavy user traffic, helping institutions identify potential bottlenecks. This way, your IT department can optimize the university portal’s performance and ensure a smooth user experience, particularly during peak registration periods.

RadView has released an article detailing the functionality of WebLOAD for Ellucian Banner. But to give you an insight into this tool, its key features are scalability, real-time analytics, comprehensive reporting, and hybrid development. All these are incorporated into WebLOAD’s system, ensuring your website can withstand the most challenging web environments.

The Ellucian Banner and WebLOAD enable universities to optimize their system’s performance, handle heavy user traffic, and ensure a smooth user experience during high demands for website usage. And with these technological innovations, educational institutions can now provide their students with a seamless and efficient enrollment process.

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